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Sage G.C.
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Sage G.C. Loud, sloppy, and tons of fun. This record is nothing short of phenomenal, one that I always find myself coming back to explore. Wood Spider shows off a surprising emotional range that exceeds the expectations of freak folk/polka punk/whatever you want to call it. It's varied, well crafted, well written, thoughtful, thoughtless, cathartic, and unforgettable art. Turn up the volume and don't look back. Favorite track: C'est La Vida Fuerte.
Kai Hakomori
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Kai Hakomori Thank you more please
finn keaney
finn keaney thumbnail
finn keaney pretty unique. they really create their own lil world in this recording. Favorite track: Elysian Vows.
Benjamin Barham
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Benjamin Barham This is what's up. A free album that not only showcases strong songwriting, but thoughtful lyricism, and serious cohesiveness as a band through what may appear at first to be a bit chaotic. It feels organic and flows with themes of nature, isolation, loss, and something once beautiful that's begun to fall apart. Despite this, it still comes away glowing with hope. This release shows real growth from the band and a noticeable maturity over their last (and also excellent) release. Favorite track: Verb Fiction.
Tommy Danger
Tommy Danger thumbnail
Tommy Danger great job y'all. best one yet! Favorite track: Elysian Vows.
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released February 22, 2014

mike ditrio: GUITAR/BANJO
fanny rose: CELLO
maxwell lysobey: PERCUSSION/VIOLIN/SAW

Recorded at Camp Ludlow in Ludlow, VT in addition to Asheville, NC and Norwalk, CT

Mixed and mastered by Mike Ditrio at home
Artwork by Alex Krokus

Special thanks to Matt Van Asselt for printing, Link & Sofia for their company and support, Mya for all of her help, John William Lysobey for Camp Ludlow, Wayne & Bev, Jonathan for the piano hookup, Leilani because floof




Wood Spider New York, New York

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Track Name: Will We All Stop Growing?
the wind made my bones creak
like trees been spared the winter
what happened to cause all my freezing?

is this our great solitude?
the smoke cannot keep out the cold and the machines
and i speak more with the cold of both
that the warmth of voice on the other side of the room
feels hot

will we all stop growing?
i’m not sure if i’ve even started
Track Name: Cross-Contamination
the grave is flooded
your scent is following me around
i know i’ve made mistakes
that look suits you better yet
please mind your seating
these altar boys they roll their eyes
and your meditation fails one to be disturbed

like the butterflies in your lungs
spit them out or they’ll take out your bones
you call it fashion i feel decay
science has forgotten how to pray
that is fine as long as i don’t pay
your penitence or sure way passage of your faith in life
spilling down and it scares the devil inside
but please i’m tired of hearing you tell me what’s
right and wrong and this and that and
you and me and
ohhh i’m afraid that you’ll never be the same

through countless hours you told me time and time again
these mechanized transcriptions fail to bring us water to our mouths
only starvation brings about a pure escape
so now i visualize the kingdom’s breath through shallow tides

i know that it’s faith
don’t you worry now
i shall be saved again
what i did was the same for the the love i have
you should have seen me
these tiny wounds that left me there and left me screaming
i was lost i was young don’t worry any more
i found it
i found it

these non-believers they look at me like it’s a crime
i bite my nails i scrape my skin the sound it makes reverberates
oh listen listen listen to my breath escape
don’t think you can do it best strip me of a simple test
this blood is dirty but yet again you like that best
i see their eyes they stare me down i can’t fool death the way you can
a false conclusion tearing flesh inside your eyes
haha now look at me now read my lips for now

undressed and
distressed take my word as truth and you will know the
rest let’s
suggest fair intentions to the life of every
guest you know
best, don’t disarm me yet i know it’s your
request i’m
impressed after all you did you did you still want my
Track Name: Hot October
what has this place given to you
a hollow chest and broken wrists
can be your souveniers and
it seems it’s still
warm outside
and the buzzing loss of blood still keeps us awake at night

we were the ones who chose to stay fists high in the air eyes like magic these shattered ankles kept on climbing higher and higher lets all swim in this boiling pot of rats and lice crawling mattresses on a sidewalk leading to nowhere when your will exceeds your body you will finally know your boundaries
i will not sleep
Track Name: Verb Fiction
please wake me up as i feel the rain approach / calm my nerves with songs of love and change / but please don’t forget me i need this connection
from the city to the sea a fire peeling back the skin / of apology contraption i took this undoubted caption / spinning shallow thoughts like incense growing intimate with friction
taking the very heart of action with anticipated tension / and everyone i knew was there with smiling eyes that told me where my answer lies to me uncertain of this tabletop connection
and i know it’s taking me longer
to find out what i do means to you
and i’ll stay closer than ever
please don’t forget my close attempts for you

smelled so sweet just like kerosene my bones reflecting your corse unseen / like gelatin, glass, and vivid dreams with skeptic time undone by the seams you’ve come to reap
grow in attempt to untangle my restraint and please, do help me i need your warmth and breath
with uncertainty i stay
for opposition to the day
of chariots and golden armor
lighthouse sparks and watermarks / but don’t you think this is my game i feel relieved to hear your name with fingers that are interlaced i hear your warmth and see your breath

[spin my thoughts through silk roads
as I promise not to drown
for in this sleep of comfort
lies silenced ink smeared lines]
Track Name: Idealism
the ocean wants to take you under but most will die on the shore it makes no sense to me why we live such tragedies but things seem simpler to you
words are softly spoken
our thoughts are powerful
we are only verticies of everything we’ve learned
“come further to the sea,” they said “pretty pretty please life is stimulating when there’s water at yr knees” oh i think i know now
the ocean carries me
now the land is getting smaller and my thoughts are getting wider and i’m looking at the world in ways i wouldn’t have before i’m floating in the ocean i am one with all its motions and things wouldn’t be as simple if we stayed back on the shore
Track Name: C'est La Vida Fuerte
there were trails leading up to the incandescent islands
floating through the sky like a parachute in my hands
we sought salvation with the stares of broken eyelids
saving up our reputation as a storm of fragile lightning
these streetlights shine with blinding
oh like forklift smiles and folded
keeping issues hidden plastic tissue wraps around me keeps my warmth inside my body like an inkjet dream of sorts / on painted fingertips and lashes batting from within / leaving open questions open hearts and surgeries
translate my addiction speak these words but not too strong / lack of stronger signal and connection of the fall / break my walls within with strong reactions to your craft / leaving stones unturned for convenience of it all

passion fills our breath with fonts of lacquer stains
worn out misconceptions
intoxicating questions

[oh these rockets form our strengths
this country comforts me]

and take this in your palm and show it off
as you fear the water in your blood
carry memories your neck with god
trust in gold, forget my attempt
through the glass as a symbol in a desperate phrase
spraying words on walls with equal pressure that we face
tearing down our walls with dynamite and wooden swords
causing ruptures to our only form of language
Track Name: Depraved Thickets
stones grow up from the ground
crashing towards the sky
losing definition
only to my eyes

[Echoes of Voices in the High
Towers ALL Wounds Explained
Here all knives Bandaged
all empires Arrested all
Castles unbuilt Hearts

ALL our Splendid Monuments
Lipstick traces on a cigarette
the Light up on only Land
Forest here once
Forest here again
Blank your mind with
Lightning Fire & Blood

i am in the foggy world of dreams
the shapes above me are looming and cracking
telling me things i cannot say
i lay entangled in these limbs only to watch them burn away
holding [me]
left alone, would it ever stop
“we’re hurt”

*Excerpt from Echoes of Voices in the High Towers by Robert Montogomery
Track Name: Elysian Vows
say say say with your voice to the air / i dip my hands in acetate with warm grenades and hurricanes / excited to bring life to this poor attempt at sinking in / elated with such excellence i chose my battles wise again / forgotten to the tides of May and swallowed by 10,000 pages read for comforting ideas instruction manual forbiddance
but please forgive my monstrous fears forgive my faults and deafened ears but please give me a second chance i’ll change in time i’ll change this time for good
carefully conditioning our feet to touch the ground / before we choke from tourniquets around your neck and frown / i know it’s better now that I’m not there to teach you all the warning signs / within your gold tooth grin there are new promises in town / for better yet in brand new tire marks i learn directions and trite remarks / this house has burned to ashes from the inside we have found / with raindrops drying faster than our blood will ever seem to clot / i feel the icicles they form around your teeth at night
from day to day i think of mountains / nodding vigorously to pass the time / with lips that press upon my eyes for comfort my smile is kept secret inside
and i have stuttered way too much while trying to pronounce this clamored row / in sight it’s better off this way in thought of high where scaffolds grow like dandelion daisies take my photograph in turn / from the first day of this month / and church bells ring for you and i with melodies i tried to extricate / but now, it’s better off this way
car lights flickering past the midnight tinkering / i close the closet door hoping you might hear my call / from time to time you waited i’ll wait for you forever if you try / to tell me what went wrong / and now there’s certain things i clarified i know i ask so much of certain sparks but i know you light the room incisively
without a doubt
just hold my body tightly through the night
and tell me what forever means to you
Track Name: Empty Home
the shrieks and crows that i long for
always seem to escape me
but your berries are everbearing
the sweat and sugar of wild honey
on my dusty feet
exposed all of my longings
i plucked you off and cast the pest
into the flooded water receding
and though i slept alone
those paying for their time
will take note of all but the very most discrete
watching and waiting
for an eye
glimmers and tightens into focus
it wasn’t the same without you there
i’m being watched in this house
Track Name: The Hag's Spree
a pallet’s gore the screw’s on poor
the doe’s tail shakes just like a wolf
the tire falls amisher holds
the tree she rots and splits
this isn’t like it was before
this bit’s so stripped it won’t fit the head anymore
land hag comes she steals the wood
a sagging door the stagecoach barn
ladder’s rungs are torn from spine
the ratchet hammered the beer buck plastered
if only a sledge would do we tore down the house with a nail in the eye and threw it in the river too
where we sat in lawn chairs and set asail new caught the raft aboard the stew so forget that old hag and jump into the creek! find the black river somewhere
and the floor will be our raft and the ceiling our stars and we’ll never have a care anymore