The American Cassette

by Wood Spider

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released September 20, 2009




Wood Spider New York, New York

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Track Name: Reaper's Waltz
At the bar there's a table for one. Where I'll spend all my time and I'll drink 'til I'm blind and my time, it is done.
And I know I've seen the end and it's coming for me. All I have left is this glass of wine. I know I've seen the end and it's coming for me. And all I have left is this glass.
I don't know why you love him so. When it's just you and I and this glass of red wine, our hearts, they know.
And though you're gone, I've found someone to hold me. A hooded white face and her cold, strong embrace. Oh, we'll dance in my sleep. And though you're gone, I've found someone to hold me, while we dance. While we dance in my sleep.
Track Name: Hell Bound Train
You took the life of a man. What are you gonna do? I'll tell you one thing: He's not gonna sue. There's a puddle of blood growing on the floor and that's a clear sign you should get out the door.
But you're in luck, boy, there was no one in sight. You could find peace in the heart of the night, but that doesn't mean what you did was alright. No, that doesn't mean what you did was alright.
I know there's a heart beating inside of your chest. It may work different from all of the rest. But you've still got a soul. There's no doubt about that. Your eyes would be dry if it weren't a fact.
It's a chain of events you can't break or dent and I can guarantee that you can't prevent it. Your future was shot at the moment he fell. You can ask the Lord but he won't tell, he won't. He won't, he won't. That bastard won't.
So you've got a new life and you've got a new name and you've got a free ride on a Hell-Bound train. Look at everyone, thinking who can you trust while your stomach shakes and rattles like a bucket of rust.
All you want to do is sleep for a night and if you find a girl who will hold you tight, well, that doesn't mean what you did was a alright. No, that doesn't mean what you did was alright.

You may say that you're just crazy, but I think it's quite contrary. Sane or not, you're going to Hell. You can ask the Lord, but he won't tell, he won't.
Track Name: Cobblestones
The streets of the town are a stage for the sounds that everyone hears when they walk around. The depressing tones like the quake in your bones can all be found in the cobblestones.
Like the scar on your heart or the heat in your feet, the stones are there, catching every beat. There are many tales that the stones have to tell like when relationships broke or the Grackle fell.
Poor Little Tom was at the age of eight and that was when the stones wrote his fate. The crowds intervened and his mother lost sight. Now Tommy walks the stones every night.
Orphaned now, he walks the cobblestones, sinking down into despair because Tom has nowhere to go.
Downtrodden Frank was low on his luck. Lost his job and his wife and that's when it stuck that things will get worse, like when he lost his home. He walks the streets with the crows so he's not alone.
He's looking for love in places it won't show. There's a cloud on his crown that simply won't go. He gets thrown out of bars like the tears from his eyes. He spends his nights on the streets, releasing his cries.
And he spends his nights drunk on the cobblestones, out of sight. Who could blame him? He's a fool with nothing to lose.
It has ears. It has eyes. The cobblestones know the things you despise. The streets have been paved with all of the memories saved from the blood and the tears that is victims all shaved.
From a motherless son to a man on the run, their souls haunt the streets and they'll never be done. And your fears will just grow 'til you're cold and alone and you're merely the grout in the cobblestones.
Track Name: Landlord Song
A man with a knife is at your door.
He ain't leaving 'til he settles the score.
The man showed up at a quarter to three. If you wanna know why, then you shouldn't ask me. If you looked in his eyes, he was a guy to despise. About as charming as a fist full of flies.
Don't look yet because he's right outside the door.
Don't open it or he'll cut you up for sure.
Stay in the house and I'll tell you what to do.
It ain't safe now. He's gonna hear you.

A man with a knife is at your door.
He ain't leaving 'til he settles the score.
There's a man outside, who's looking for revenge. If you don't open up, he'll break off the hinges. Guilty or not, he's not gonna stop and he'll make your body drop as your neck goes pop.
You can sneak through the window and go on down the street. If you can outrun him, there is no guarantee. There's a beast in your home, and you're all alone and you can pray by tomorrow that you've still got your bones.

Check the back. He could be lurkin' over there.
In the attic, just waiting on the stairs.
Under your bed and he'll cut you while you sleep.
Sheets turn red. Cut six inches deep.

A man with a knife is at your door.
He ain't leaving 'til he settles the score.